March 15, 2015

orange days weigh on my shoulders

while time marches nimbly on

been years since i have felt

my heart beating prosodically

I have a hiraeth on me

for a gentle life in the sun

my hands are blistered

from 10 years of disappointment

Many hearts did I fell in ritual madness

Reaching for light while digging my well

I’ve found neither groundwater nor zenith

In the catacombs beneath my cell

A trembling arrow has forgotten how to fly


belly of the whale

May 11, 2014

It’s a grey, overcast morning in Cheeseman Park

I am the writer and you are the spark

Together we’ve folded and mended and sewn

to prove we are adults and deserve what we own


I run my toe along the faultline

counting the creases like a trail of breadcrumbs

leading me back to the folds of my brow

dividing me from all means of qualification


I tremor, in sync with that ominous vibration

waiting for crocodile-hill to seize up again

that last glimmer of certainty has been buried

doomed to discipline in the belly of the whale






October 14, 2011

my featherweight heart forgot me a friend
locked down and shut up in my room again
winding the rivers together at last
I writhe on the delta and sour as they pass

forever the known ones fall under and spit
by first light of autumn their kindling remit
and stretch non-withstanding across open arms
by fire of a moon-scape upended and harmed

untwist o sweet cavalcade!
unpin my requite!
all harbors forgotten
undo my delight!

fall forward and scramble
your notions decried
my tyrant your bough breaks
my hands held untied



June 3, 2011

a withered surgeon stumbles back from a long day of discretion
his whole body wrung clean
like a dishtowel after the sink has been emptied
all awake with nothing but ears to listen
he collapses into his loveseat

a thin mist begins to condense, inviting the night to unwind
alone under the porch light, his jacket produces a cigarette
the backyard quietly admits a firefly
the two lock eyes and glow for several moments in turn
blithely acknowledging their distaste for the situation at hand

meanwhile in Switzerland, a faceless hand caresses her flawless breast
as she discovers pleasures unfathomable to the learned man



May 9, 2011

a pocket full of granite lollipops
the coldest thoughts of yesterdays beginnings wither into maybe
the warmth of my smile a two dollar movie
you rent when you’ve got nothing better going on
so I guess I just go back now,
stumbling across my glistening silver porch
into this den of death buried quiet in the house of eternal winter
where the trees don’t dream of blooming

a camera so sharp it remembers your thoughts
turns a toast for a new year that will never come
as we wind up
and we think back
we buy the priciest lottery ticket
and scratch the wrong number off
for the thousandth fucking time
alone in our own room
wondering why the traffic light outshines the moon

you contemplate color
and the nature of sound
its every undulation our only connection
compressing the air at the impulse of your lips
to plant my barren point into your deafened ears



March 26, 2011

a bouy bobbing in a fickle sea of oil, you listen to the sound of words falling from your lips like molten vaseline dripping over an empty honeycomb, while everything you need swims in circles on the plate next door. You hopped on the trolley and fell out face flat into a seasick serenade about something chunky in your milk.

what would it do to you to drink it all down?

would you have to hold your nose to forget the flavor?



March 1, 2011

stuck in neutral on the highway, i am wearing your orange pea-coat. it bleaches my skin tone to yellow so the on-lookers can tell i’m a poser. rolling home from a park bench where i left missing pieces, i think about language, writing my little cat-hearted prayer for remittance. everything i’m excavating lays waiting like a angry spatula coming to flip my burning pancakes.


monster truck

August 19, 2010

taste it touch it lick it take it but gaddamn you if you ever break it wear her heels borrow her pearls wrap her glistening sarong around your sense of justice and throw yourself into my spotlight as a pristine shadow of every way your grandmother wants to see you shine because if you’re not wearing that dress she might realize she bought it on credit and that they’ve been naked underneath it all along.



June 22, 2010
writhing in wonder of all that was never
worlds of words swirl away into color
tempo picks up, the anchor weighed
soul strikes a chord with herself
breeze winds between her teeth
fear withers into tenacity
she recovers her pulse
her love amplified
plunging deeper
in silence

borrowed ivory

April 13, 2010

Teach me a new day’s breaking, crisp and quieter than ever before. A new sunday morning awaiting me somewhere underneath the coils of these broken-ankled, hijacked, widowed, burglar’s arms. Sharing me in, olding me down, plumbing the recesses of my intellect. My ammunition is molding while the mealy pith of your crowed eyes cowers into the corner of her all forgiving pocket.

I wanna bust you up. I wanna curl up with your destiny so real and simple. We could break the bindings of our tomes again and dismiss these holy horror stories of doldrums and impotence and toothaches, here, in this subversive sanctuary, where we once began to build bones out of broken blood. Where life began to trickle into the shimmering incisors we carved from borrowed ivory. To chew and tear and bite and yank and gnaw and whittle treasure from this festering mortuary.

I’d follow you there if you’d only forgive my sincerity.