a pocket full of granite lollipops
the coldest thoughts of yesterdays beginnings wither into maybe
the warmth of my smile a two dollar movie
you rent when you’ve got nothing better going on
so I guess I just go back now,
stumbling across my glistening silver porch
into this den of death buried quiet in the house of eternal winter
where the trees don’t dream of blooming

a camera so sharp it remembers your thoughts
turns a toast for a new year that will never come
as we wind up
and we think back
we buy the priciest lottery ticket
and scratch the wrong number off
for the thousandth fucking time
alone in our own room
wondering why the traffic light outshines the moon

you contemplate color
and the nature of sound
its every undulation our only connection
compressing the air at the impulse of your lips
to plant my barren point into your deafened ears


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